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Ricky Williams Doing Yoga to Get Back in the Game, Make Truckloads of Money Again

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Former stoner, Miami Dolphins retiree, and generally nice dude, Ricky Williams, 31, has failed more drug tests than we can remember, but he wants you to know he’s through with his pot-smoking days and is fighting his way back into the NFL again, you know, for the love of the game money. “No. 1, it’s a good salary,” he said. “There’s not many jobs where you make this kind of money.” Well, at least we know his priorities are in check.

To catch a break Williams went on a big soul-searching mission traveling to India and Australia holing up in tents and studying holistic medicine and yoga, where we’re sure there was no temptation to try any mind-altering substances whatsoever. Now a certified yoga instructor he relies on his practice and love of photography to distract from old vices.

Ricky, we understand you want to clear your name, but if you want our advice man, forget football…live free as a yogi in California and teach yoga to the footballers. It might not make you a $5 million salary, but you can smoke all the pot you want.

Ricky Williams Running for Redemption [AP]

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