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Yoga Day USA 2009 Date Announced, Apparently Marking the 10th Anniversary

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So Yoga Day USA, the annual event started by Yoga Alliance, is coming up on it’s 10th year! Who knew? With it’s main goal as being “to increase awareness of the benefits of yoga,” it doesn’t seem to have been very successful – as yogis ourselves we sure haven’t been aware that the day existed at all let alone for 10 years. But that’s not important. What is important is that the 2009 event has been announced for Saturday, January 24, and we all know what that means…more free (or almost free) yoga! The day is basically a marketing op for yoga studios, giving them the means to advertise and tout free or “low-cost” workshops drawing in new clientele. We’re also a bit wary of these often cringe-worthy “awareness” type events which can walk the line of coming off as too preachy. But, then again, why not get excited about a day promoting the benefits of yoga (possibly some fun free classes!) and a lot of events that will be benefiting charity? (hopefully –that’s up to the participating studios).

Registration’s open now. We’re sure more updates are to follow later this year.

Date Announced for Yoga Day USA 2009 [MarketWatch]

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