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ISHTA Blog Launched, Yogis Discovering the Internet

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Newbie NY studio Ishta Yoga has decided to give this internet thing a try and just launched a blog. Ambitious iyogis, their website proclaims the intent to “create a free and fun mode of communication between our staff and clients, and moreover, to share our thoughts and creativity with each other.” Topics of discussion will range across the board from yoga sequences to the arts to world issues. Although we don’t see much promise of this taking off, unless they pull some kind of marketing miracle, we have to hand it to them for being the first NY studio to actually take a stab at playing the game. But seriously what are they thinking trying to create a yoga-related blog on the internet? ahem. Welcome to the party, Ishta.

Will more studios follow suit? While a lot of studios and teachers are getting their web feet wet by launching their own sites, others are working their e-karma in more creative ways. For example, word has it the folks at YogaWorks are also preparing to launch an updated site equipped with their own blog. We’ll keep an eye out for developments. If you know of any others making a move on the web let us know.


Ishta – New Studio Opening May 1

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