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Getting Naked in Nude York City: Celebrating the Human Form or Foreplay?

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nakedyoganycIt’s not just the Naked Cowboy anymore. Some progressive New Yorkers just won’t stand around these days and let those overbearing shackles we call clothes ruin a good meal and a hardy laugh, no sir. Apparently select restaurants and comedy clubs around town are obliging by opening their doors to growing groups of nude diners. (Sorry waiters and waitresses, you have to follow pesky health regulations and keep your clothes on.) Aspiring comics can drop trou and try out their routine in front of a buck naked crowd down at the Gotham Comedy Club, bringing a whole new meaning to that old audience in their underwear trick.

Nude yoga is also finding its way out of the hippie colonies and into the urban scene. Try Naked Yoga NYC, where founder Isis Phoenix will show you how to really let it all go and “celebrate the human body.” Those who are hesitant beware, the next class for ladies on July 28th will be an “exploration of the vast topography of the female pelvis. By stretching, strengthening and churning through our juicy feminine hips this class will evoke the divine goddess within.” Egads! Now we’re blushing! A naked hip opener class to awaken and explore mulabhanda, definitely NOT for the timid.

Excuse us here, but may we just pose the question, how does this not turn into a celebrating-the-human-body orgy?

Here’s a video footage of some radical nudies dining. NSFW, and actually, you may not want to be dining yourself while you watch.

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  • AshD

    no thank you.. i will pass on this.. not at home or alone even.

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