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Wii Yoga Coming early 2009

in YD News

With Nintendo’s Wii Fit already a huge success, gaming companies are jumping to cash in on the “lifestyle game” wave.  Unsurprisingly then, news has surfaced that we can expect to see a straight up Wii Yoga some time in Q2 2009, although the title is still dubious. JoWood, an Austrian video game publisher, has gotten a jump-start on the yoga game and is set for distribution through the Nintendo Wii gaming system. As described in the press release, “The well-known and favoured doctrine for mind, body and soul guarantees a unique gaming experience for young and young at heart gamers. The game will support the Wii Balance Board, as it plays a central role for the exercising (gaming) experience.”

Will it catch on? We say hold onto your yoga straps, this could get interesting. We’re bracing ourselves for more competition to come in the virtual yoga space.

Yoga titles already for the Nintendo DS:

Let’s Yoga  Amazon.com

Quick Yoga Training Amazon.com

Also available, Let’s Pilates Amazon.com


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