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How to get through the stuff you hate to do

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There are just some things in life most of us can not stand to do – they even made a show based around it – and if you tend to procrastinate in getting those things done that you just hate to do, then you might find this article‘s advice on how to get stuff done very useful (unless you hate reading articles about how to get stuff done, then you are just plain out of luck my friend).

Among the tips including making a project out of the task at hand and keeping your eye on your goals to get you through, the one we find to be the most effective, and possibly the most difficult, is focusing your complete and total attention towards the sole task, almost like a meditation. No exactly like a meditation, actually. Often these loathsome tasks are either too small that they seem like a waste of time or are too large and overwhelming to even get started on. But we’re going to throw in the yoga analogy here and point out that truly focusing and letting distractions roll off your back is your ticket to plowing through, whether it be taking out the trash, writing your college thesis, or practicing handstand.

And if you’re just trying to get it overwith you really might miss out on a great learning experience, which sounds like a load of crap, but as we know life is a journey not a destination..blah blah yadda yadda. Now get back to work slackers! We have to go do our dishes.

How to Find the Motivation for the Things You Hate Doing [PicktheBrain.com]

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