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To Do this Weekend: Summertime!

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Plenty to do this weekend to celebrate the official beginning of the summer!

Yoga in Times Square: Join fellow yogis in saluting the sun on this first day of summer, right in the middle of Times Square! If you haven’t signed up already registration is closed, but there is still a chance you can get in if you arrive 30 minutes before the session you’re aiming for, so don’t be discouraged! Go to TimesSquareNYC.org for all the details and info on the live webcast.

Blackout Sabbath Yoga in the Dark: If last week’s heatwave was any indication this is going to be one hot and sticky summer. Do your part to keep energy use to a minimum, if even for a day, and participate in Rufus Wainwright’s new tradition Blackout Sabbath, by going completely unplugged tomorrow. Come celebrate the event with an energy-free practice led by Zelina Blagden, Wainwright’s personal yoga instructor, at the YogaWorks Downtown studio.

Guru Pitka – Love him or leave him?: With plenty of controversy and less than stellar reviews (to put it nicely), Mike Myers’ The Love Guru opens nationwide this weekend. We can’t say we’ll be storming the theater, but maybe we’ll wander by if we have nothing better to do. If you go see it, let us know what you think in the comments!

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