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Pure Yoga: Next Phase in World Domination to Commence June 25

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Attention Manhattanites, the big day is fast approaching! That being Pure Yoga’s grand opening, of course! We’re bracing ourselves for June 25, the day when the mammoth yoga company from the far east launches its flagship studio in a plot to take over Manhattan’s Upper East Side – just another big step in their plan for total yoga world domination! (we’re picturing the Pinky and the Brain laboratory mise en scene back at PY HQ).

New York Magazine has an official profile on 10 confirmed instructors, some of whom we can tell are fairly familiar faces from various well-known NY studios (including Marco Rojas, poached from YogaWorks). Although PY is keeping it’s exclusivity behind the ‘closed-door no-drop-in we-think-is-totally-not-going-to-last’ policy, it is nice to see that they are not enforcing an exclusivity rule on the instructors, allowing them to keep the normal “contractor” style deal so they can teach elsewhere.

Undercover photos of the “living” green facade, after the jump!

We’ll get to the whole sustainability, energy issue soon enough (how much does it take to keep that wall growing anyway?) For now we’ll just admire the green fuzziness.



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