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OM if by Land, OM if by Sea

in YD News

This begs the questions in the “hey why not?” and “what took them so long?” department. Hands OM Crew is a new professional placement agency specializing in assessing the skills of massage therapists and yoga practioners for a new addition to the luxury travel industry, Yoga Yacht Charters.

Hands OM Crew was founded by Denise Dobbs after she had retired from ten years of service in the yachting industry as a stewardess/massage therapist. Afterwards she opted to combine her yachting experience with being a licensed massage therapist and yoga practitioner. Her vision has transformed into an agency that accurately assesses the goals of clients and professional practitioners to create a perfect match in either the private home or yacht.

The yoga crew agency has a growing database of qualified massage therapists and yoga instructors from across the globe. Each candidate undergoes a three step interviewing process where they are required to give a personal massage and/or yoga class to assess their talents. Dobbs has developed the infrastructure to appropriately match both free lance and permanent practitioners with clients based on their personal skill sets, desires for travel and other specific criteria.

Hand OM Crew Introduces Yoga on Yachts [Newswire Today]

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