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Yoga Action Figures

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It’s no small coincidence these yoga figurines were designed by a man from Hummelstown, PA.

“[Raymond] Fogleman, 43, started studying yoga 14 years ago and has been teaching full time since 2003. He got the idea for the statuettes after finding a toy soldier in a collection of toys three years ago. He realized that the antithesis to a soldier would be a yoga figure.”

A novel idea and we could see how it might be helpful to have a 3-D demo model to reference, albeit miniaturized, and plastic may we add. But we think he should’ve included another single guy or gal with posable bendy joints like our old childhood friend Barbie, but better!

Available at Ray’s Website $29.99 a pop plus tax for 16 figures and instructional guide.

The original yoga action figure? 



We kid!

The best yoga figure we’ve ever seen? Bush Yoga of course! Get your copy of the book here.


bush-yoga-halasana bush-yoga-headstand bush-yoga-utthita-hasta-padangusthasana bush-yoga48-utthita-trikonasana

[Via Seattle Times]

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