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Momma’s Got a Brand New Yoga Bag

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luxury yoga bag

“AFFORDABLE” Luxury: Finally! A luxury yoga bag to tote your luxury yoga mat! Reminiscent of Mat & Nat of Canada, there actually are some swell bags on the site [RoZCoo.com] with the added bonus of being completely animal-cruelty free. Honestly though folks, we’re not totally sold on the idea of swinging into class with a pleather yoga bag boasting gold accents on our shoulder. It’s a little like walking into class with this on. But we’re also pretty sure some stylin ladies out there be doing back flips and won’t bat an eye at the $75 price tag. To be fair, that’s basically in the “affordable” category these days [and a big step up by comparison]. And after all, dahlings, style is priceless! [PRWeb]

LOOK YOUNGER: More proof that yogis enjoy the benefits of relaxed skin, reduction of oxidative stress, balancing of cortisol and increase of melatonin, all leading to looking younger, and feeling it! But come on, looks aren’t everything, right? Although, how great will it be when you’re carded at 60. And you might even remember where you put your keys! [Huffington Post via Prevention]

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