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Higher Yearning: In Search of the Advanced Class

in YD News

The NY Times today examines the oft arduous task of finding an advanced-level yoga class when you’re ready to make that transition into a deeper practice. Since yoga has really been blossoming into mainstream (15.8 million adults practicing, Yoga Journal reports) most studios cater to newbies or beginning-intermediate levels for the coveted prime time slots, leaving those more advanced yogis to tone down their practice or try and look elsewhere. Of course, dropping back to a lower level class is always a great eye-opening experience, getting back to basics and all, but we know how frustrating it can be when you’re really in the zone and the peak of the class ends with Vrksasana (tree pose). “What’s that? oh no, seated cool down now? rats!” The end of the article lists some helpful options for a more advanced classes across the country.

Yogi, Take Me to a Higher Place [NYTimes.com]

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