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Yoga Helps Survivors of Natural Disasters. In a study conducted a month after the the December 2004 tsunami disaster, a group of survivors were given an 8-day “Vivekananda yoga” program consisting of loosening exercises, physical postures, regulated breathing and guided relaxation. With just 1 hour of practice each day fear, anxiety, sadness, sleep disturbances and respiratory rates were significantly reduced. [Reuters]

UK Farmers Cultivate the Yogi Within. Young farmers in the UK are looking past yoga’s typically “girly” image and turning to asana class to relieve the stresses of everyday life on the farm. We can’t help but let this image of rugged faced farmers moving through their sun salutations in overalls make us giggle like little British school girls. We’re just wondering if their practice ends with the Guinness pose. zing! [Daily Post UK]

Pondicherry: International Yoga Festival. For the 15th year, Pondicherry (now renamed to Puducherry, confusing we know) hosted the International Yoga Festival (Jan 4th-7th) along it’s normally sleepy shores of South India. If you couldn’t be there don’t get bent out of shape, viewing the ad campaign and video for the event might give you reason enough to be inspired (or thankful you stayed home!)

If you were there let us know in the comments!   [KiwiPulse.com]

Beginner Tips We Should All Follow. Finding a suitable space to practice and being conscious of our aches and pains are certainly useful tips for us all. Check out the rest of these helpful hints specially targeted towards those about to venture on their first journeys through yoga practice. One we’d like to add for good measure: Don’t forget to breathe! (you’ll thank us later). [American Chronicle]

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