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Yoga NOT the cure to all that ails us??

in YD News

At last, all the secrets revealed! Yes, yet another take on the facts and fictions of yoga’s health benefits. Can yoga solve that aggravating indigestion after a hard night of cheap Indian food and chocolate brownie sundaes? No! Will it cure that pesky dry mouthed hangover after a weekend bender? Of course not! Worry not my yogini friends, yoga does have some seriously healthy benefits, most of which I’m sure you have already discovered in your own practice.

For those who need further investigation, Dana Sullivan at Health.com reveals the answers to some ‘mysteries’ behind the facts and falsehoods of yoga, all of which, to us, seem rather obvious findings in conjunction with any healthy lifestyle of exercise and a balanced diet.

The conclusions?

Yoga reduces lower-back pain. TRUE
Yoga can help you lose weight. TRUE
Yoga cures asthma. FALSE
Yoga can ease carpal tunnel pain. TRUE
Yoga makes your skin look younger. FALSE

The Truth About Yoga [Health.com]

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